Friday, 1 July 2011


“You call this a punishment? A sentence? Ha! What joy I have had, what fun this exile has been.

This world is mine, my ball to play with.

These creatures have given me many names, and I love every single one of them, Homicide, Matricide, Patricide, Fratricide, Infanticide... Genocide, my personal favourite.

As the whim takes me I send them war, slaughter and destruction.

I taste their suffering, savour it, gulp it down.

I have guided their hands and minds to the creation of their new weapons, and I shall guide them to turning the keys and entering the codes, and that done I shall hunt down the remnants and turn them one against the other, for this species deserves nothing less than total annihilation.”

“Yes, and when you have succeeded in emptying your world of playthings, then your sentence shall truly begin, an eternity of nothing, an immeasurable time of boredom, of inactivity.

That is to be your punishment.”

©2011 Stephen. J. Green.


  1. A punishment of mythic proportions. Nicely done.

  2. I can't tell if it's Satan talking, or Science.

  3. You know, apart from a host of other reasons, this is why going to jail would worry me: getting that really BAD cell-mate: "Hi, I iz Matricide. What's you'ze in for? (pause) Can I stroke your shoes?"

    They build the jails, they never think of the roaches... Nice one. St.

  4. Next time someone tells me they are bored to death I'll think of this.

  5. Like Dracula, Evil comes in many forms, but it is still Evil. In a sick way, I suppose, I really dig the way humanity is used and then discarded like a whore. It demonstrates that we are not as strong as we think we are. Well done, Steve.

  6. What did he do to deserve such a punishment?

  7. @Tim – Thanks, as usual I had to take it to the extreme.

    @Helen – I think in a way it's difficult to say if it isn't our punishment too.

    @John – I couldn't decide if he was Satan, or just pure evil at work, I'll leave that one for the reader to decide.

    @Stephen H – Haha! Hi Matricide, my name is Legion, and I just know we're gonna have us some fun. :-)

    @Harry – Let's hope it's a long time before this guy makes it to the boredom stage, cos it's gonna be bad news for us lot.

    @Stephen B – Thanks, I think as a species, arrogance, and over-confidence may just lead to our eventual downfall.

    @Sonia – I'm not sure, but it must have been something very, very bad.

  8. Yeah, I can actually think of few punishments quite as debilitating as utter boredom. You nailed this one.

  9. Thanks Icy, I think boredom is the biggest mind-killer of all.

  10. I agree. An eternity with no playthings would be the worst sentence. Quite an interesting setting you created here!

  11. Thanks Chuck, it's no fun at all when we've broken all our toys is it?

  12. That sentence is a kind of hell. But then, he's welcome to it, if those are his playthings!

  13. Hiya Jen, it will be a well-deserved hell for such an evil entity too.

  14. The perfect punishment - nothing left to destroy!

  15. Hehe, eternity is gonna seem like an awful long time to this creature isn't it?