Saturday, 31 August 2013

LORD ALF-The Novel

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This post is an unashamed plug for a novel written by a writer friend of mine. Colin James is a Yorkshire man like myself, who originally hails from a small town some thirty miles from my home town, but for several years Colin has lived in the USA.

As well as running his own business Colin also finds time to produce excellent fiction, short stories, serialised stories, and also novels, the latest of which has just gone to Kindle.

Colin's new novel is called “LORD ALF” and for the next five days can be down-loaded to your kindle ABSOLUTELY FREE!!

I was fortunate to read LORD ALF in its proof-reading stage, and thoroughly enjoyed it.
Colin's style is earthy, gritty, powerful, marbled with humour, and never disappointing.

You can find LORD ALF on Amazon here:- LORD ALF by Colin R James.

Download and enjoy!!!

I'm sure all reviews or comments would be much appreciated by Colin too, if there is anything writers like more than chocolate or beer, it is feedback.

For more of Colin's work stop by his website at THE I-10 BLOG, it will definitely be worth the visit.

You can find Colin's website here :- THE I-10 BLOG.

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