Friday, 29 July 2011

Dust (Part 2)

Part 1 can be found here:- Dust (Part 1)

Swarm commander Zerki felt a warm glow of satisfaction as he surveyed his attack force, the billions of craft were a magnificent and awesome sight as they flooded towards the major dwelling area.

This was to be the first strike, a test of strategy. He was confident of success, and once the tactics were proven the main force would land and the rest of the planet would quickly fall in the same way.

These were by far the physically largest dominant species they had encountered in their sweep across the galaxy, and stealth rather than fire-power would win this immense, mineral-rich world for them. The massive supplies of natural resources the planet held would feed and supply the swarms for millennia.

The planners had calculated the population of the dwelling area to be in the region of one point three million, his strike-force outnumbered them by over a thousand to one, it needed only one of his brave warriors to guide his craft into a body orifice and release the neurotoxin and the enemy's central nervous system would shut down completely in a matter of seconds.

Panic and confusion would be in their favour too, their smaller size would work to their advantage, the enemy would have great difficulty fighting back against a foe that was virtually invisible to them.

Commander Zerki had commanded many attack swarms on many planets, always finding and exploiting the enemy's weakness, victorious in every invasion.

He watched with pride as the swarm began to disperse and the individual strike teams peeled off to begin the hunt.

Before long total chaos consumed the city, people were dropping by the thousand, car and lorry drivers collapsed at the wheels of moving vehicles adding to the general carnage and mayhem. Injured and frightened people jammed the switchboards to no longer functioning emergency services. The word went out of a possible major terrorist attack, maybe chemical or viral - no one knew.

A few hours later Commander Zerki spearheaded his swarm towards the next major dwelling area, leaving behind just a few hundred thousand warriors to hunt down and exterminate the remaining survivors, and to purge the surrounding minor dwelling areas of the dominant species, his mission had been a total success. He punched the keys and sent the broadcast.

Hundreds of massive motherships hovering invisible above the planet Earth opened the vents in their cloaking shields, and began releasing the thousands of main battle-swarms.

Humankind was about to experience a dust-storm the likes of which it had never seen.

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Dust (Part 1)

©2011 Stephen. J. Green.


  1. Oh the crafty buggers! Now that's not playing fair. Quick dust busters to the fore - we're not done yet!

    He hee loved it!

  2. Living in western Texas, I can attest that dust storms are nasty buggers indeed, wrecking havoc like you wouldn't believe.

  3. For a second I thought their toxin would turn the people into zombies! Wow, that would be an origin story I don't think anyone has seen yet - zombies caused by dust.

    I love how inventive this is.

  4. @Helen - Haha, I love your fighting spirit, but you're gonna need a big BIIIG nozzle to take this lot on. :-)

    @Stephen - I'd believe it Stephen, let's hope that one of these dust swarms don't get there though. :-)

    @Icy - Thanks Icy, I don't think these tiny creatures want zombies though, it's easier for them to get their protein if it isn't walking about. :-)

  5. Smart bugs! LOL But I don't think the humans will die entirely.

  6. An enemy that is nothing to sneeze at, for sure.

  7. Wow, these little guys certainly know how to fight. I like how thoroughly he's wrapped everything up tactically & strategically. Swarm creates a great visual.

    This reminds me of walking through falling ash from a volcano, not quite as vile, but the acidity sure stings the eyes, nose, and throat.

  8. Humanity is in need of a massive spring clean and the mother of all vacuums to beat this swarm. Clever idea.
    Adam B @revhappiness

  9. @Sonia - I think you are right, there has to be some hope left hasn't there?

    @Tim - Haha, don't put a dust mote under a microscope Tim, cos you never know what's gonna be looking back atchoo. (groan.. sorry)

    @Aidan - Thanks, a difference in size can always be overcome by finding the right tactics and weapons, and these guys have plenty of battle experience.

    @Adam - yes, it has sometimes crossed my mind that the one species this planet could do without is us. (And it's a very frightening thought)

  10. You had me rooting for Goliath in this one, but the little guy wins again. Doesn't bode well for the rest of us, does it?

  11. Remember when you used to run around with the vacuum cleaner hose and pretend you were a Ghostbuster?* Not so funny now; strap a dyson to your back and it'll be like a WMD to them.

    I wonder if instead of the hounds of war they unleash the dust bunnies of destruction? ;D

    *or was that just me...?

  12. @Chuck - It certainly doesn't bode well Chuck, I think Goliath had better do some fast thinking, and even faster acting.

    @John - Dust bunnies of destruction? Love it!! Hahaha!!

    Funnily, since I wrote this I've taken to wearing the hoover on my back again. :-)

  13. Brilliant idea, Steve, and really well executed.

    I'm hanging onto my can of Mr. Sheen just in case.

  14. Thanks Rol, I should keep your hoover within arm's reach too. :-)

  15. Cool slant on the alien invasion scenario! I like it!

  16. Hiya Catherine, and thank you.

  17. Hi there Steve -- 'swarm commander' and 'attack swarms' = fantastic. I love these little guys. Really good story and glad you wrote another part.

    Currently trying to infiltrate their operation as part of the 'wipe clean' resistance. Yeah, Commander Zerki, that dude in training camp who's four miles high* ... that could be me.


    * measured in metric 'Dust Motons'.

  18. Hiya Stephen, thank you, small is beautiful isn't it?

    Joining the Dust Resistance Movement is very commendable too, though I think their ultimate chances of survival may be extremely re'mote'.