Friday, 15 July 2011

As long as he needs me (Guest post)

This week is the first anniversary of The Twisted Quill, and I am celebrating my Blogiversary by publishing a guest post from the lady who is in a way largely responsible for its creation.

The very first post on this blog “The birth of The Twisted Quill” explains how this came about, and how Nickie, a talented writer, and Author of the very successful blog “Typecast” played her part.

Nickie concentrates her talents mostly on blogging and various other avenues of writing, but does produce an occasional short story.

As I asked for her to guest post (unknowingly) just four hours before she was due to go on holiday, it gave her no time to write anything new, and so with her permission I chose this previously published story of hers.

Thank you for reading. Steve Green.

AS LONG AS HE NEEDS ME. A flash fiction By Nickie O'Hara.

I felt his finger trace my spine from top to bottom. If I'd have been able, I would have let out a sigh of pleasure. I know he only loved me for my inner knowledge and the stories I could tell but, when he wrapped his strong hands around me and gently picked me up, I knew that we would both be satisfied within a few minutes.

I didn't care that our interaction took such a short period of time; the reason I existed was to appease him. We always captured snatched moments together; one of us with a hint of doubt and embarrassment, the other eager to totally surrender.

He tenderly laid me on the table and expertly opened me up – exposed for all to see. With one finger, he gently stroked me in places that plenty of people had been before. There had been so many that all their faces blurred into one. Only he mattered now; he was the one who needed me.

He looked at me, fleetingly up and down. He murmured something under his breath and then as he released a guttural cry of exclamation, I knew he was finished with me. I didn't feel used this time; I knew he'd be back for more.

He straightened me up, ensuring that nothing was out of place. He lifted me once more, placed me back on the shelf between A-D and I-L and he walked away.

©2010 Nickie O'Hara

Author's note:-

Nickie is still on holiday, and so will be unable to respond to any comments for another week or so.

“As long as he needs me” was first published in August of last year on Nickie's blog “Typecast”.



  1. I won't bug the lady on her holiday. Just saying good story, and congratulations Steve!

  2. Ha! Me and my dirty mind, had me thinking something all together different! Very nice Nickie and congrats on the anniversary Steve!

  3. What a clever story! I enjoyed this a lot. I hope you had a fantastic holiday, Nickie.

    Congrats on the first birthday of your blog, Steve.

  4. Oh what a clever story, I was hooked right from the start.

    Happy first blogaversary Steve :)

  5. Haha - funny, simple, intriguing, cheeky - love it

    Steve - you posted a comment on my blog - thank you for that - you can use the Fridayflash logo on my site, of course! You can also grab it off fridayflash.org - there are 2: one for writers and 1 for readers. Come and read more often!

  6. Excellent story! Really enjoyed that.

  7. Congratulations on the first year, Steve. And a nice twist in the story, Nickie. I may have massaged that same girl's spine a time or two. :)

  8. congratulations on the first year! clever story!

  9. My fingers are tingling at the prospect of tracing that spine too.

    And happy blogiversary to you, Steve.

  10. @Stephen, congrats on a year.

    @Nickie, nice juxtaposition of human & inanimate objects. The perspective was spot on.

  11. Neat slice of anthropomorphism. I can't imagine any bibliophile not enjoying this... =)

    Happy blogiversary, Steve. =)

  12. I love stories that get you thinking or with atwist, this I feel has both - so I loved it. Great work

  13. Nice story, Nickie. I throughly enjoyed that. Welcome to #FridayFlash.

    Congratulations on your one year anniversary, Steve.

  14. Super fun story Nickie! And Happy Birthday to The Twisted Quill Steve!

  15. Okay, I'm off for a cold shower before looking up the number of that Thesaurus I met in the bookshop last year.

    I like it. :)


  16. Nice twist, but one that perfectly captures the appetite of the reader.
    Adam B @revhappiness

  17. Hi everyone, thanks for all the anniversary congratulations it doesn't seem like two minutes ago since I started this, and I've had a lot of pleasure through my blog, and #fridayflash over the past year. My #fridayflashiversary is coming up in September, I'll have to think of a suitable story to post for it.

    Harry, my mind went exactly the same way as yours when I first read this too, Chuckle, chuckle.

    Hiya Marcel, and welcome, thanks for the logo, I thought it was really eye-catching, and very apt for my blog.

    Also thank you all for making Nickie feel welcome to #fridayflash, I'm sure when she returns from her holiday she will be delighted with the comments her story has received.

    Nickie has also said she would like to write something new for a future guest post too, so you may be hearing from her again.

  18. Hi to you all - this is my first stop (apart from Twitter... I'm a Twitterholic - catch me on @nickie72 #shamelessplug) after returning from my holiday three hours ago.

    Glad you all enjoyed the flash fiction. I don't "write" enough at the moment but I now have a few previous commitments out of the way and I'm determined to write more this year.

    Steve, you've got a great little "family" here. I will be back (I'm sure someone has used that phrase before...) with a NEW guest post for you later this week. Thanks for reproducing this piece - it remains one of my favourites too.

  19. Hiya Nickie, I hope you had a great holiday.
    It's been lovely to have you guest post on here and I will certainly look forward to the next one, and I am sure the lovely #fridayflash writers will do too.

    Rock 'N' Roll Nickie.