Friday, 17 June 2011

For my own safety

I've had many labels stuck on me in the time I've been in here, insane, paranoid, delusional, schizophrenic, liar, to name but a few. I think liar was the one that hurt the most.

Not for one single moment did any of these so-called experts consider that maybe, just maybe, I was telling the truth.

For my own safety, their words not mine, I was detained under the mental health act, and brought to this 'hospital'.

Eventually I had grown to like my room, the fabric covering the walls and floor was tough and yet soft at the same time.

“For your own safety.” They had told me, as they ushered me inside.

And yes, it was safe, for now. Eventually things on the outside would get so bad there would be no-one left in control here, and I would have to leave and take my chances, but for now it was safe.

And here I was, in the interview room once more...

The man in black looked across the table at me, his face expressionless, but the glint of concern in his eyes betrayed his inner thoughts.

“People are disappearing.” He said.

“Yes, I know.”

“A lot of people, thousands each day.”

“Yes, I know.”

He shifted slightly in his chair, his body language betraying him further.

“Do you know where they are being taken to?”

“No, but I know where they end up.”

The man in black straightened in his chair, then leaned forward, resting his elbows on the table, he stared at me intently.

“Where?” He asked me.

“The same place as your breakfast, and your Sunday roast, and your Saturday night beer and pizza.”


“Where do all meals end up? Down the sewer, they end up down the sewer.”

“You could have helped to prevent a lot of this you know.”

“When I tried to tell people that these creatures were living amongst us, when I tried to warn people about this, when I tried to convince people to defend themselves against this, I was brought here, for my own safety. No-one wanted to listen to what I had to say.”

“Well, we're ready to listen now.”

I sighed, stood up, and walked slowly towards the door. “It's too late.” I told him over my shoulder. To the guard I said “I'd like to go back to my room now please, for my own safety”

©2011 Stephen. J. Green.


  1. Ooo cold and chilling. It's always too late when they are ready to believe.. I was compelled to keep reading this piece. Now I want to know who these creatures are, and how they are killing the people - they are killing them aren't they? (part 2 next week?) :D

  2. Kind of dug his semi-conspiracy theory and murder factory existence. I can appreciate the comfort of the room.

    Minor typo in Para9: "people" is uncapitalized

  3. I hope they aren't taking the same path to the sewer as my breakfast. Ew!

  4. Better to be a crackpot in a padded cell than monster morsels. Nice job bringing, "for my own safety” full circle, Steve!

  5. Well, you can't blame him. Let humanity learn to believe that sometimes, there really are monsters

  6. @Helen – I haven't really thought about what these creatures actually are, just that they can live undetected amongst us. And yes, they are killing the missing people, well, they gotta eat too, don't they? :-)

    A part 2 is possible, but I hadn't planned on writing one, I'll see if my muse comes up with any sort of follow-on for it.

    @John – I can assure you John, the room is VERY comfortable. Good eye for the typo, fixed it now, thanks John.

    @Tim – That is exactly the path they are taking to the sewer, y'know, in one end and out of the other...

    @Harry – Thanks Harry, come the time to leave the safety of the room, one big advantage he will have is that he can recognise the enemy.

    @Mazzz – Hi Maria, there certainly are monsters out there, and the chilling fact is that most of them look just like ordinary people.

  7. I know what the monsters are. They are the tape worms from the last flash fiction. :D

    and the way the person says its too late now is really cold. nice.

  8. Actually, I never thought of that concept Sonia, Hmmmm... :-)

  9. You're only judged insane depending on the incredulity of the listener. Loved the last line of this - it's quite clear he's perfectly sane in an insane world.

  10. An alternative Time Machine timeline? The Morlocks rising early? ;) I like the shifting, uncomfortable Man in Black too.

    Nice and neat, the way this comes full circle. =)

  11. @Icy - Thanks Icy, I once heard it said that insanity is hereditary - we get it from our children. :-D

    @John - Thanks John, The MIBs would have good reason to feel uncomfortable, to fight an enemy, they would need to know who, or what that enemy is first.

  12. It's too late indeed, and I would want to be locked up for my own safety as well. Sheesh! Whatever those creatures are, they don't sound like they a problem with indigestion. I mean, think of the politicians they will be eating. Isn't that like eating a turd to make one? ;-)

  13. Stephen, thank you, this comment made my day, the last line had me laughing out loud. :-D

  14. I love the chilling matter-of-fact tone when talking about the creatures. It's amazing how crazy things can sound until we experience them. And the ending here is great, leaving me with plenty to imagine for myself. Great job!

  15. Thanks Chuck, I think many stories do work much better when details are left to the readers imagination, quite often a reader's mind can envisage things much better than words can explain.

  16. Wow, this guy is really hurt for having been put there! It seems that he grew comfortable with the place and uncaring about the fate of others. Cold hearted guy, eh?

  17. I would be upset to. Guess they should have listened to him when they had the chance. Now its all gloom and doom. This set the stage nicely.

  18. @Mari - hi Mari, the way things are heading, his cold-hearted attitude may be the key to survival.

    @Lara - Thanks Lara, it's easier to label someone as insane, than to listen to them saying something that your mind refuses to accept.

  19. This would be the one time when believing the crazy person would have been beneficial. LOL! Now we are all going to be lunch. :)

  20. Hi there Steve - really liked the way that came full circle. Almost felt like it was Fox Mulder in there saying 'I told you so'.

    Flicked over your tapeworm story, again, on the way in here. Gnarrr...


  21. @Marsha - Ah, but he isn't really crazy, they just thought he was, and because they didn't believe him they're all invited to dinner.


    @Stephen - thanks Stephen, Mulder would've known what to do in this situation.

    y'know, if you keep on reading that Tapeworms story your gonna give yourself nightmares.