Tuesday 2 September 2014


Hi, and thanks for stopping by.
This week I'm taking part in the September challenge at John Xero's 101-FICTION site.
The challenge is to write a flash of exactly 100 words, plus a 1-word title, and the prompt for the September challenge is the word “Blue”

You will find John's 101 blog here:- 101-FICTION.
My own 101 word submission is here:- BACTERIMELANCHOL

I hope you enjoy it.

Anyone who is not familiar with John's work are missing something very special, he is an excellent writer, mostly of genre fiction, Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror, and is always well worth the visit.
John's main blog where he posts his longer fiction can be found here:- XEROVERSE.

Thank you for reading.

Steve Green.

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The Melancholy virus had taken just seven weeks to overrun the planet.

Bacterimelanchol, or Bluebug as it came to be known, was aggressively infectious. It could make the jump from electronic circuitry to biological with horrifying ease, affecting machine and animal with impunity.

Soon the germ was hooked into everything. Television, internet, satellites. No system, or system operator was beyond its reach, or control.

Doom and gloom were spread through every possible media.

Until the whole world was wrapped in the black cloak of depression.

And ultimately, the button was pushed.

And then, oh my, how that bug did laugh...

©2014 Stephen. J. Green.


  1. Loved your Bluebug ditty, Steve... You know I follow John Xero on Twitter and whenever I see him I think, I must check his stuff out... So I consider my journey here fortuitous on all counts : )

    1. Thanks, Miss A.

      John used to be a regular poster on Friday flash, and he writes some really good stuff, mostly in the Sci/fi, horror and fantasy genres.

      I have guest posted on his 101-Fiction blog before, also once on his Xeroverse blog too, where he writes his seriazised work and longer pieces.

      Sadly, John is no longer a regular on Friday flash, I believe he is at present concentrating his efforts into three novels he is working on.

      One title in his WIP tray is "Machinery of Mars" which I would love to see him finish, just the title alone fills me with interest. :-)