Friday, 4 July 2014

On the ledge (Part 2)

For anyone wishing to read from the beginning
Part 1 can be found here:- On the ledge (Part 1)


Before long my injured arm began to throb rather painfully. I pulled my tee shirt over my head, and with the aid of my teeth managed to tear it into several strips and fashion a crude bandage around my elbow and upper arm.

My stomach lurched again, so I retrieved the wrapper, folded it around the wad of gum and put it back into my pocket.

I leant my head back against the rock face, closed my eyes, and tried not to think about what was waiting at the top of the cliff,

A tap on the head caused me to open my eyes. Christ! I must have dozed off. The filtering light told me it must be nearing dawn now.

Another tap on the head, then a shower of dust hit my scalp. I looked up, shielding my eyes as best I could, and was panic-stricken to see a pair of long, hairy legs amidst the powder avalanches.

Jeez! The thing was climbing down.

A massive shower of dust and small rocks hit me in the face blinding me. A long, primal howl joined the cacophony of scrabbling claws and rattling debris, culminating in a rather loud thud as something big, heavy, and very pissed off landed in a thrashing heap on the ledge beside me.

I furiously rubbed the dust from my eyes and when I saw my new neighbour, wished to god I was still blinded.

The huge, dusty furball beside me began to unfurl. It pulled itself to its full height, and shook its head confusedly.

I tried to sit even lower, making myself as small as possible, shrinking back against the rock face, holding my breath, maybe it was too dazed to notice me?

I should be so lucky. Yeah, that's me, just like Kylie bleedin' Minogue. Lucky, lucky, lucky. For some insane reason I found myself humming a few bars of the song under my breath.

Uh... Oh! Bad idea,

The creature's ears twitched. It's head slowly swivelled in my direction. Yellowed, malevolent eyes glared at me. A mouth, lips drawn back to reveal finger-length incisors snarled menacingly.

“Err... Nice doggie? I croaked, hopefully.

The snarl deepened and more teeth were bared.

I felt the blood freeze in my veins as sheer terror washed over me. My testicles fought with each other in a futile race to hide inside my stomach. The crap I had earlier managed to keep in let loose and with a warm, liquid splurge filled the seat of my pants. Wonderful... just bleeding wonderful!

The first rays of sunshine hit the ocean as the creature raised its head skywards and opened its jaws wide.

What began as a deafening, throaty howl, gradually diminished over several second to become a squeaky whimper.

I watched disbelievingly as the creature literally shrank before my eyes. Claws retracted, hair receded, limbs shortened and thinned. The snout flattened and the ears rounded.

What now stood beside me on the ledge was a slightly podgy, naked, middle aged man.

He sank slowly to a sitting position, his back against the rock face, holding his head in his hands. Almost mimicking my own position.

We sat side by side like that for a few minutes, the silence growing like a tumour.

He was the first to break.

“Errr... I don't suppose you have a cigarette you can spare?”

“No... sorry. I don't suppose you have any toilet paper you can spare?”

“Err.. no, sorry.”

We both lapsed back into silence again.

I don't know what was going through his mind, but I was wondering what would happen if we were both still on the ledge when the moon came out again.

When he spoke again, the sudden noise, quiet though it was, startled me out of my thoughts.

“Look... I'm err... sorry about your err... friends.”

“It's not your fault.” I replied. “You can't help being what you are. No hard feelings, eh?” I said, and offered him my hand.

“Well, that's awful decent of you.” He said as he reached sideways and clasped my hand in a soft handshake.

I gripped his hand tighter, rose half-way, and putting all my strength into the action, dragged him up and around in a swinging arc, letting go just as he reached the tipping point. I watched dispassionately as he sailed, arms flapping, off the ledge and disappeared from view. His shrill scream ended abruptly as I heard the crunch when he hit the rocks at the cliff base.

I looked down, his body was draped over the sharp rocks, all odd angles and over-jointed. Well, that was one problem taken care of, and I had the ledge to myself again now, a bit more room to spread out.

I must have fallen asleep again, because the voice seemed to come from far away. A distant whisper that grew in volume until it dragged me back to reality.


I looked up to see two faces peering over the cliff edge.

“Are you okay? Are you hurt?” One of them called.

“My arm's injured.” I replied.

“Hang on, we're gonna get you out of there, just hang in there.”

I almost wept with relief, salvation was at hand. How the hell I was going to explain all this, I don't know.

The stink coming off me was kind of self-explanatory though.

My arm began itching annoyingly. I lifted the bandage and took a look. Impossible as it seems, the wound looked almost healed, and poking out from the skin were several thick, bristly hairs.

A sudden, chilling thought hit me like a hammer blow. Was I infected?

I think the moon is due to be full again tonight. I guess I'll find out then.

Continued in:- On the ledge (Part 3)

©2014 Stephen. J. Green.


  1. Oh nooooo! I guess we'll here him howling tonight ^_^

    1. Haha!! yeah. I wonder if he'll be able to live with himself the morning after? :-)

  2. an avalanche of bad breaks one after the other!

    1. Certainly not having a good time, is he? :-)

  3. That had everything: horror, humour and me almost shouting at the screen when he brushed the issue of his dead friends away before he then killed the thing. A really great read.

    1. Thanks Casey glad you liked the humour in this. :-)

      I think his time on the ledge may have caused him a little sanity-slip. Right now I'd guess he may be wondering what raw steak suppers are gonna taste like.

  4. I think what I love about this the most is that it's exactly how I feel about camping trips, even when they don't involve wolf attacks.

    Eh, this narrator is obviously clever. He'll think of some way to resolve things.

    1. Hiya Katherine. Yeah, my wife and I tried camping about 15 years ago, just basic equipment. It took two trips for us to realize the value of a decent mattress, central heating and an en-suite bathroom. LOL.

      Clever the narrator may be, but just like the guy he threw off the ledge, he won't be able to control those urges when the moon is full.

  5. Oh thank you for more from the ledge! Laughs came from me like the bits of rock loosed by the beast’s clawed digits. Then, after the shock of our narrator’s nonchalance, of course I was so pleased with his cleverness…until those gnarly hairs... Oh what a delightful way to end this: totally satisfying if it is indeed the end, great catalyst if there’s to be a third part - not supplicating, just saying : )
    Miss A

    1. Miss Alister, thank you so much for this lovely comment, it did make me smile.
      I'm not sure at this point if we'll hear any more from our hapless narrator, the story does still seem unfinished though, so I'll leave that as a maybe, and see if anything comes to mind. :-)

  6. Let's just hope no one throws him off a cliff too!

    1. Heheh!! Poetic justice, eh?
      That might hinge on whether he's just eaten their friends. :-)

  7. So sorry to respond late to this installment, Steve. I was on vacation with the family (no Griswald moments to report) and I'm just now getting back into a groove. I love the sickly, dark humor of this piece. That first question about the cigarette, and then the request for toilette paper, made me bend over in laughter. Can't wait to see what's going to happen with the next full moon.

    1. No worries Stephen, I hope you all had a really great time on your vacation, glad to hear that it all went smoothly. The thing with Griswald moments is that if you are unfortunate enough to have them, you never, ever forget them, do you? :-)

      Thanks for the kind words my friend, it's a good feeling when the humour works as well for the reader as it does for me.

  8. Late to the party too, sorry about that, Steve!

    I'm really, really glad you decided to continue this charming, hilariously ghastly horror piece, it's tons of fun to sit along with your character and gotta say I did hum "I should be so lucky" too. Poor werewolf, maybe this was the first time in his life that someone gave him the "no hard feeling" nod and invited him for a sit hah. He should have known better eh?

    I'm jumping to part 3. Gotta say, I hope for a full moon and some fun, sweet irony.

    1. It's a lady's prerogative to be late, Cindy... Innit? And it's always good to see you on here too. :)

      Thanks for the lovely comment, so glad it gave you a laugh. And the Kylie Minogue moment?... Baaad idea, eh? Them werewolves have acute hearing, so he wasn't gonna get away with humming under his breath. No way, no how..ow...owooooooooooo! LOL