Friday, 28 October 2011

She loves me, she loves me not.

He loved Halloween, one of his most favourite times of the year. A time of mysticism, of imagination, and possibly of... romance?

His expression alternated from one of pleasure to displeasure and back again as the fantasies scrolled through his mind. Like a switch flicking back and forth.

Pluck... She loves me... He let it fall to the floor, thoughts of heated lovemaking filled his mind.

Pluck... She loves me not... He let it fall, bitter argumentative words echoed in his head.

Pluck... She loves me... Warm kisses before he left for work each morning.

Pluck... She loves me not... Whispering to her friends, and laughing behind her hand.

Pluck... She loves me... A beautiful romantic candlelit meal.

Pluck... She loves me not... Withering looks when he ventured an opinion.

Pluck... She loves me... Holding hands on the back row at the cinema.

Pluck... She loves me not... Not taking his side in an argument.

Pluck... She loves me... Arm in arm strolls along a golden beach.

Pluck... She loves me not... Sarcastic comments about his manhood.

Pluck... She loves me... Running her fingers playfully through his hair.

Pluck... She loves me not... Lying about the price of those shoes.

Pluck... She loves me... Letting him have the last Rolo in the tube.

Pluck... She loves me not... Talking through his favourite movie.

Pluck... She loves me... Foregoing her TV soaps so he could watch the football match.

Pluck... She loves me not... Ridiculing his model car collection.

She'd had a full set of top teeth. Now, he knows that she doesn't have a full bottom set because he can see some gaps in there.

He flexed his aching fingers a few times causing the pliers to clickety-click-click.

He glanced down at the sixteen red and white lumps on the floor, then turned back to face her...

“Okay lady, let's find out shall we?”

Pluck....She loves me.....

©2011 Stephen. J. Green.

Hi everyone, and thank you for reading. This one was grisly even by my own standards, but I thought I would try to top the gross-ometer reading that I got LAST Halloween.

If anyone who missed that one is up for another grisle-fest, you can find it here:- Pumpkinhead

Happy Halloween everyone. Bwuhahahahahahah... BwuhahahaHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


  1. Oh how horrible! LOL That image will be stuck in my mind all day now ^__^

  2. Good one! Quite different than what I was picturing, but a perfect image for Halloween.

  3. Horribly painful to even think about. And I was not expecting that.

  4. That was NASTY. Nice work, Steve.

  5. Hi Steve! I'm sort of sorry I read this! Eek! Maybe that image will go away - one day!


  6. ew ew ew!

    very well done and very creepy!

    Here's mine --


  7. Oh, mommy, keep me away from the bad, bad man!

    Steve, the ending of this one was priceless. Such horrible cruelty. I sure hope she started out with an odd set of teeth. If it's even, I hate to think how he's going to react.

  8. @Helen – Haha! I hope it doesn't spoil your day though. :-)

    @Eric – Thanks, I do try to keep my flashes in the spirit of the season. (Grins evilly)

    @Tim – Aaah, you should know by now that until the last few lines things are very rarely what they seem on these pages. :-)

    @Rol – Hiya, and thank you. I guess it hit the spot for you? :-)

    @Denise – Hiya, and try not to worry, I'm sure that none of my writing will haunt you for TOO long. BwuhahahahaHAHAHAHA!! :-)

    @Kirsten – Hiya, and welcome, I hope it didn't give ew TOO many ews. (Laughs maniacally)

    @Stephen – Thank you, to be honest, I'm not sure whether odd or even conjures up the worst scenarios in my mind, I mean, if it's even he's gonna be disappointed at the very least, if it's odd, well, that kind of romance just doesn't seem right somehow, does it?

  9. Emotionally grisly if anything, by my standards. I'd give him the pass, and a whole bushel of roses to just talk this stuff out. Too often Horror arises from lack of communication.

  10. Gah-ah! Not the teeth! Not the teeth! *shudders*

    I like the structure, the build, and then the twist is just gross, gross, gross. If you were going for grisly you found it, in spades. Happy Halloween! =)

  11. Ugh, anything to do with teeth plucking gives me the fear!

    Nice (gross) one!

    Btw are you on Twitter?

  12. @John W - I don't know if roses would sweeten up this guy much, but I suppose it would be worth a try. :-)

    @John X - I cringed myself when I wrote this, there's probably not many people that don't squirm at the thought of having teeth pulled. Happy Halloween.

    @Peter - Haha, me too. Thank you for asking, but no, I'm not on Twitter, I tried Facebook for a while but it wasn't really my thing.

  13. "Letting him have the last Rolo in the tube," I loved that line, it made me think you were heading toward a cute ending. You fooled me and I enjoyed being wrong.

  14. Thanks Liminal, "Do you love someone enough to give them your last Rolo?" was an advertising slogan from way way back, and Rolos are NICE, so I think the answer was usually NO!! (Chuckle)

  15. I thought the story was quite sweet until the end.

    Made me cringe. Well done!

    "She loves me... Letting him have the last Rolo in the tube."

    True love indeed!

  16. Hiya Craig, and thank you. Yes I think the Rolo line carried the "She loves me..." side of it. :-)

  17. This was awesome in an awful, awful way. I figured he couldn't be plucking a daisy, but.... yeah, count me in as one of the people who is going to have to work on getting this one out of their heads.

    Which is to say it was excellent!

  18. Hi Katherine, and welcome. Thank you for the very kind comment. Most of my stories are not nasty like this one, but I wanted to push the boat out a bit for Halloween. :-)

  19. I figured he was pulling SOMETHING gross but I didn't see that coming. Dental injuries and things happening to eyes are literally the only things that freak me out so well done!

  20. Thanks Icy, I hope this didn't freak you out TOO much though. :-)

  21. Next time use the ex-ss dentist from 'Running-Man.'
    He is so much more effecient.
    Good bloody stuff :)


  22. Hi Colin, good advice but rumour is that the guy is retired now, and living in South America somewhere. :-)