Friday, 4 February 2011

High rollers

Well, I can tell you, you win some, you lose some.

Some lose more than others.

I did okay, I had more money than I needed, and I wasn't limping yet, unlike most of the guys in this game.

At a knuckle and ten grand per roll, the night would bring consequences.

I looked at him long and hard....

“Did you ever roll against McJaidy?”

“Yeah, I lost a finger and two toes in that game... less than McJaidy did though.”

I looked at his hands, a thumb and a pinky on the right, the index and middle on the left.

I kept my empty hand below the table, and pushed my money forwards with my full right.

“Yeah, you look like a lucky guy, so... roll the dice, huh?”

©2011 Stephen. J. Green.


  1. I think I'd run as far away from a game with those consequences as I could. Good story!

  2. Reminds me of that messed up Twilight Zone episode. The only one to ever make me squeamish.

    No sir. I would not try my luck.

  3. Reminds me a bit of that Roald Dahl story!

    Very good.

  4. Hi guys, thanks for reading.

    Eric, yeah, I would definitely run too. But some people just literally gamble their lives away.

    John and Icy, I remember a tale of a man who bet his little finger that his Zippo would light ten times in succession, but he was a lightweight compared to these guys. :-D

  5. That made me squirm... and hold onto my remaining digits.

    All 3 of them.

    (Never been a lucky man...)

  6. Yep, those stakes are too high for me. Lot's of intrigue and creepy, cringiness in a compact package here Steve!

    That was a Hitchcock Presents episode. Steve McQueen & Peter Lorre.

  7. Hi Rol, If I was a gambling man I'd wager you are kidding. :-D

    Thanks Harry, I cringe too when I think of losing fingers, I'd have to sell my guitars. :-D

  8. Rather a different spin on giving them the finger.

  9. One thing is for sure: with the stakes like that, you won't have to join a therapy group to quit the habit. It takes care of itself.

  10. I once had a neighbor who blew off his head playing Russian Roulette. If he'd played this game, at least parts of him would still be alive. Great story Steve. Perfect in its simplicity.

  11. Hi guys, thanks for reading.

    Tim, for an unlucky player at this game "flipping the bird" would eventually become an impossibility. :-D

    Stephen, yeah, when you run out of fingers and toes it's "game over", you wouldn't be able to pick the dice up any more anyway. :-D

    Rachel, that is awful, the poor guy.
    It does lead me to wonder though, if you succeed in killing yourself in a solo game of Russian Roulette, does it count as a win or a loss?

  12. Definitely not the game I would be playing. I like all my fingers..and toes. I agree with John above, It does sound somewhat like a twilight zone episode.

  13. Hi Gwen, definitely not my game either, one can become extremely attached to ones digits. :-D

  14. Not many musicians play this game. Great concept and punch efficiently told!

  15. Thanks Aidan, and yes, I would think losing a few games of this would definitely disadvantage any keyboard or guitar players.