Tuesday 18 January 2011

Creative Genius

Genevieve Ching the excellent writer who resides at So, Write has very kindly awarded me the Creative Genius Blog Award, thank you Gen, I am so pleased.

It seems that I now have the privilege of nominating some of my own favourite writers on #FridayFlash, certainly not an easy choice as there are so many very good writers on the site, after much thought, these are the three that I finally decided on, and the reasons why I chose them.

Stephen at Powder Burns & Bullets. For the enjoyment I have had reading his excellent western serial “Heroes Wanted”.

Rachel Blackbirdsong at Ravenwood. For her beautifully eloquent and darkly poetic writing style that I absolutely love.

Harry at Harry B Sanderford. For being so uniquely entertainingly different in his stories.

Please copy the award from my right-hand side bar guys, and post it to your own Blogs.

Thanks to you all for the pleasure you have given me through your writing, and best wishes for all your future works and projects.

Steve Green.


  1. Wow Steve, you just made me cry. Thank you for the kind words about my writing and for this award.

  2. Hi Rachel, the words and the award are well deserved, I have liked your writing style from the very first time I read it (Sorry about the tears, but they must be happy ones)

    Keep on doing what you do so well. :-D

  3. Wow, thanks Steve! And by the way, congratulations on you own award! It is much deserved, I look forward to reading your posts each week. Again, thank you so much and congratulations to Stephen & Rachel!

  4. Thanks so much Harry, I am new to all this, and I am learning all the time, and as I said, I like your writing style, it is unique, and never predictable. Rock on Harry. :-D

  5. Thank you so much, Steve, for giving me the honor. It has been a privilege to be a part of the #FridayFlash group, learning new names and feeling the joy of experiencing their work. Your blog is one of the first I visit every week, and I have enjoyed your creative talent.

  6. cool award.. congratulations

  7. Thank you Stephen, your award is well merited. And thank you also for bringing John and Everett into the world. :-D

    Hi Michelle, thanks for calling by, and for the kind words. :-D